Two instances where independent research makes the difference

It is a fact that subscription-based research delivers a service where brokers capitulate.

Consider 2 examples:


  • August 2020 Veola launches its bid on Suez. Suez stalls the bid through governance trickery
  • Suez & Veolia contract all investment bankers. Brokers research on both firm goes silent for … 9 months
  • AlphaValue issued 8 updates over the period and goes for a timely loud Buy in October 2021

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  • Western brokers have shied away from maintaining research since sanctions.
  • AlphaValue initiated the coverage 12 years ago, faced then serious arm bending pressure from the Russian governance, but never stopped tracking the stock including now that Russian issuers are banned/sanctioned.
  • AlphaValue provides a unique independent view made essential as Rusal continues to trade in Hong Kong and remains a unique arbitrage opportunity for positions in Rusal/EN+/Nornickel/ post war Russia.

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There is value in relying on independent, unconflicted, non-execution based research: it is always on as it is exclusively aimed at investors