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The G in ESG…

… is the only thing that matters. Providing any investment proposition with an ESG shine has become a ridiculous scramble, with qualitative data being tortured into a modelling of sorts…

Under Fire

Go for a SCOR

Becoming a possible target in a rich industry contemplating consolidations is good news for shareholders and seemingly less so for Scor’s management. The insurer has a healthy in-force portfolio and…

Under Fire

Enel rather than Iberdrola

We like Iberdrola but currently prefer Enel as the drivers behind the latter’s recent underperformance should progressively peter out. Stormy Italian politics combined with Eletropaulo’s pricey acquisition kept Enel’s share price under…

Stocks to Watch

MedTech surge

While the c. €1tn Pharma sector has been going essentially nowhere between failed phase III drugs and Trump-driven uncertainty, the €133bn MedTech sector has been flying over the last two months. MedTechs’ spring rediscovery…


Miners in May 2018

Similar to the previous month, brewing global geo-political uncertainties (including trade war tensions) seem to have again capped commodity price gains. Although, the global economic outlook remains promising. Below is…